Relocatable Building Solutions.

Grove Aust.

At Grove Aust we have more than 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of relocatable buildings. Our clients include the construction, mining, commercial, government and educational sectors.

The first 3 storey relocatable classroom in Australia.

We are responsible for the current generation of two-storey classrooms built for the Victorian Government and have recently completed the first three-storey relocatable classroom facility in Australia.

Our extensive knowledge and operations within the relocatable building sector make us a global market leader for educational buildings.

Harcourt Valley Kindergarten - Relocatable Kindergarten Program

Grove staff have been very responsive and prompt with our requests. They are very thorough and detailed. Thank you, we are very impressed after a thorough inspection of the building.

Mark Morris
Benton Junior College

4 Storey Timelapse