Centre for National Resilience – Federal Quarantine

Project Location:

Building Size:
136 Buildings

Completion Date:
February 2022


As Covid-19 hit, Grove began construction on the Centre for National Resilience – Federal Quarantine Project by the Victorian Government to provide a safety net for the community through the placement of Permanent Modular Buildings in Mickleham Victoria.

Due to the nature of the project in relation to the need for promptness with the Covid-19 Pandemic, Grove worked directly with the Government to provide a high standard of workmanship on each building in a time conscious manner. With the capability to house over 1000 beds, the Quarantine Facility can be used for multiple purposes over its lifetime and provide its occupants with a safe and comfortable stay. From October 2021 to February 2022, Grove made 225 deliveries ranging in a variety of buildings ranging from accommodation buildings to staff facilities.

Grove was more than happy to provide the Victorian Government with the appropriate infrastructure to be able to accommodate anyone who was required to isolate for the 14-day period during the Pandemic. It took a great deal of resources and management for Grove to be able to complete the 136 buildings on such short notice over a 20-week lifespan of the project, thus showcasing Grove’s nimbleness and ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

In addition to building the Victorian Quarantine Facility, Grove was also a part of the build for the Centre of National Resilience – Perth Quarantine Facility located in Bullsbrook. There were many logistical challenges due to the Covid-19 Pandemic with travelling interstate however the team at Grove overcame these issues through hard work and dedication. This resulted in a total of 83 buildings making the trip from Grove Headquarters in Pakenham (Vic) to Bullsbrook (WA) and each round trip consisted of nearly 7,000km being covered for every building.