Sunshine Hospital

Project Location:
Sunshine North, Victoria

Building Size:
6500 sqm

Completion Date:
September 2023

Grove Aust has recently completed a 6 level, 3 story modular hospital for Lendlease and the Victorian Health Building Authority to inject another 52 beds into Victoria’s mental health hospital infrastructure.

With 342 bespoke modular units, Grove Aust pushed the boundaries of modular construction to build the largest modular hospital in Australia. With build requirements that exceeded the bounds of transportable loads, Grove had to split each building module into two – a habitual module used for the operation of the facility and a separate service module to run the building’s critical service infrastructure network.

Operating within a live hospital environment, during COVID and to tight program windows, Grove Aust utilized experienced partners to deliver the project. From in house transport to a 500t mobile crane to land the modules without impacting the hospital, meticulous planning delivered a fantastic result for the Victorian health landscape.

It’s a testament to the strength of the project teams who delivered a project like this. With such a tight and complex window to work within, it shows the level of detail we’ve needed to go to. The results speak for themselves. – Brenton Grove (CEO of the Grove Group)


Grove Aust is proud to provide Western Health and the community with a safe, functional, and innovative space where real progress will be made for thousands of people that walk through the doors.